Searching for lighting and decor in large chain department stores, home improvement stores, and even some specialty lighting stores can get boring and frustrating. Furniture, fixtures, and ceiling fans tend to be all the same. Frosted globe lighting, furniture out of a box, and ceiling fans in either light or dark wood. There may be a few colorful pendant lights, small fans with flowers for the baby’s room, and possibly a recliner or two. Pricing is excellent, but items are more likely to be cheap than high-quality.

The problem comes down to lack of space. Physical stores do not have the display or storage room to offer a wider variety. What they do display is basic and mass-produced because those items sell quickly. That allows the stores to get in a new design or two every few months. Those with discriminating taste, a preference for high-end fixtures, or unique style will not find what they are looking for in chain stores of any kind.

People who live in close proximity to large lighting stores have the opportunity to view more options, and get an idea of what lighting and furniture will look like together. Display rooms combine lighting and furniture to offer suggestions and stimulate creativity. A new jersey lighting store, for example, may have a classic semi-flush mount fixture accompanied by home office furniture. A living room with a floral pattern couch may be paired with unique lamps or ornate wall sconces. Those without access to a large store can expand their lighting and decor choices by searching the internet at sites such as Lighting Expo.

E commerce sites have no space limitations so they can offer, literally, thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. The caveat to shopping online is that the vast selection can be overwhelming. Viewing page after page after page of lighting fixtures, for example, can confuse and frustrate customers because there are a plethora of options on Lighting Expo and other lighting websites. It is difficult to know what fixtures will go well with the existing furniture. The lack of display areas means customers are viewing fixtures with no way of knowing what style will match the rest of the room decor.

Innovative sites have developed a way to provide customers with the best of both worlds. Customers can have unlimited choice, and view room displays online for a point of reference. Sites, like Lighting Expo and LampsPlus, for example, have gallery pages to illustrate the various lighting styles in the context of a room. Furniture, accents, window treatments, and flooring are set up to accompany fixtures. It is not the same as visiting a showroom, but it does provide the opportunity to see how lighting looks among all the other design components of any room in the home.